Opera Mini comes to BlackBerry App World

The Opera Mini browser has now, according to an official statement made its way to the BlackBerry App World. Those keen on trying out this newbie on their App Store, can do so by going directly to App World and downloading the Opera Mini 6.5 browser from there. To say that the Opera Mini browser has just arrived on the BlackBerry App World is no reason to presume that the browser isn't popular with BlackBerry users, affirms Opera in its statement. The statement further adds that the Opera browser, which reportedly is a favourite among users and is subsequently the world's most used mobile browser, is quite big on BlackBerry, too. It adds, "By downloading it manually from m.opera.com, BlackBerry users have been saving data and money on their BlackBerries for years. Now, it's even easier to download via App World."

Opera Mini browser comes to BlackBerry App World

Opera Mini browser comes to BlackBerry App World


In his statement, Sunil Kamath, Sales Director for India & SAARC, Opera Software stated that, "BlackBerry is ranked among top 5 mobile phone brands in India. We are thrilled to extend the Opera Mini experience through the BlackBerry App World. India has emerged as the second largest user base of Opera Mini users. This growth is clearly fueled by the shift in mobile usage pattern from enjoying basic features to getting online by using apps such a mobile browsers on smartphones." Interestingly, Opera claims that on using the Opera technology, the Opera Mini browswer only requires to transfer 10 percent of data to the user's phone, which they believe is "a lifesaver while traveling, struggling with crowded networks, for your data cap or if you pay per megabyte downloaded."


Further, Lars Boilesen, Chief Executive Officer, Opera Software stated that, "By adding another destination to Opera Mini's passport, we are extending our reach. As the world's most popular browser, we want to take every opportunity for people to have access to our browsers, regardless of the device."

Published Date: Mar 07, 2012 12:26 pm | Updated Date: Mar 07, 2012 12:26 pm