Opera Mini 7 with Smart Page now available for all basic mobile phones

Not everybody owns a smartphone, and for those who are still hanging onto their feature phones, it does get a little difficult to stay in touch with friends and family. Want a better way to connect with friends and the web on almost any basic mobile phone? Try out the new Opera Mini 7 with Smart Page. Opera Mini 7 allows you to ditch the built-in browser on your mobile phone, and smarten up your online social life with its features. The browser features Smart Page, which is a one-page summary of all the news from your Facebook and Twitter feeds. Using the data-crunching and money-saving technology behind Opera Mini, Smart Page keeps you updated on your social life quickly, without breaking the bank.


Using the Smart Page in Opera Mini 7, you’ll not only be kept up to date on the latest happenings in your social life, but other news, as well. The Smart Page includes suggestions for news sites to follow, as well as the possibility for you to add the feeds of sites you browse most often. This means easier access to your favorite content, all in one place, with less work for your thumbs on those cumbersome mobile keyboards.

Download it now!

Download it now!


“I’ve spent hours typing web addresses on my mobile phone, but now there’s a super smart way to get most of your content at a glance,” said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software. “With Smart Page, you just open the browser, and the content is right beside your Speed Dial shortcuts in the start screen for you to skim through — super practical, super time-saving and super smart. I guess that’s why the product team called it Smart Page.”


“Opera Mini 7's Smart Page provides super-fast access to all your favorite web content. It is a must-check out if you have never experienced Opera Mini before,” said Sunil Kamath, Sales Director - India & SAARC, Opera Software. “We will continue to wow our users by making web browsing a fun experience and continue to be the most favored browser on Indian mobile devices.”


Once you’ve had your fill of your friends’ cute kitten pictures on Facebook, you can go anywhere on the web with Opera Mini 7. The Opera Mini 7 browser is a better way of accessing full websites from your mobile phone, even if it isn’t a smartphone. If you’ve tried to visit a full webpage with your phone’s stock browser and found it limiting, be sure to try out the Opera Mini 7 browser.


Opera Mini 7 is available as a free download for Java-compatible (J2ME), S60 and Blackberry feature phones on the market, from m.opera.com.