Opera 11.50 is Here!

Even as you read this, the download ticker for Opera browser’s latest version ticks away no holds barred. Launched yesterday, the latest browser to add to the Opera range promises to be a better, faster and more stylish-looking sibling of the previous versions. We did sneak into the downloads page, you can too, here; and a 4,849,820-odd something, and still on number did freak us out, a bit.

A'live' and kicking, or so it seems!

Alive and kicking, or so it seems!


Among the other features, that Opera claims comes packed in the latest version of its browser, for its Indian users, is the support for Punjabi and Bengali. The other features ear-marked by Opera is the availability of Speed Dial extensions. Like the name suggests, it gives the users all the information that they’d probably require in a jiffy. Updates on weather, daily news, et al will be made available just as the user opens a new tab.


The extension on Read it Later would save the content for later suggestions from your reading list. Opera has been furthering its Speed Dial feature as a multi-purpose one. In addition to getting updates on news, and reading suggestions, the Speed Dial extension allows the users to create interactive web posts via Webdoc and get all the information on the reigning artist, or track for that moment, using the Hype Machine. The extension on StockTwits will let users share news on real-time on stocks, and get access to view which stocks are trending, in that particular moment.

The other feature that Opera has bundled up is Password Synchronization. The feature basically provides support for passwords. This goes on to say that, users would no more have to go through the pain of typing their passwords on different sites they visit, multiple times. Opera claims that the latest version of its browser comes with an advanced support for HTML 5, and claims that it is more streamlined, and sleeker looking than its predecessors.

If you have the Opera version already, why not let us know about your experience with it in the section below?

Published Date: Jun 29, 2011 11:15 am | Updated Date: Jun 29, 2011 11:15 am