ooVoo updates iOS and Android apps to support four-way video calling

ooVoo, one of the world’s largest social video-chat provider with 54 million registered subscribers, has released updates for its free iOS and Android apps that let subscribers easily include more of their friends.

The announcement states that as the leader in group video-chat, ooVoo's new mobile apps are the only major communications product that offers users four simultaneous video streams at the same time on mobile devices. Apart from this, it can now also host a total of up to 12 participants in text messaging on one call, for free. ooVoo's free apps for mobile devices offer more flexibility and several industry-first social video-chat. With this app, ooVoo lets you video chat with up to 12 Facebook and ooVoo friends, text or make phone calls in great quality at no cost. A user can also make a video call with ooVoo friends that are on Android, iPhone, PC, Mac and Facebook.

The updates are now available for free

The updates are now available for free


The developers claim that ooVoo is the go-to place for free group video-chat. The new ooVoo product upgrades across mobile platforms allow users to:


  • Host four simultaneous video streams at once on screen for free on iOS or Android mobile devices in high quality (over 240 devices supporting 4-way)
  • Gain deep integration into the native Android address book using the Google Social API
  • Take advantage of ooVoo's Android widget that shows online friends, missed calls and  one-touch chat session plus calls straight from their phone or tablet homescreen
  • Enjoy the first optimised, multi-party communications experience for new, high-speed LTE mobile networks
  • Stay always available as the new ooVoo mobile app provides subscribers with push notifications, making them always on and always reachable
  • Text chat with anyone during a video call on both iOS and Android
  • Get improvements to the user experience

"Multi-party video-chat is the most social thing one can do on mobile, and with the launch of ooVoo's four-screen mobile apps we're creating an easy and free way to let more friends get together, participate and be a part of each other's worlds – which bring us all closer together," said Jay Samit, president of ooVoo. "ooVoo is the marriage of communications and social. ooVoo gives everyone the ability to share experiences with friends as they happen regardless of location or device."

Starting today, the free ooVoo updates are available for immediate download from iPhone App Store and Google Play.

In related news, a post by GigOm states, “Group video chat startup OoVoo is working on adding premium video content, gaming and dating applications to its service, according to OoVoo president Jay Samit. Adding additional content to video chat isn’t just supposed to make people stick around even longer, but also bring more advertisers on board.” The report goes on to state, “The goal isn’t just more stickiness, but also additional revenue opportunities: OoVoo’s mobile apps come without any premium services, and Samit told me that this won’t change anytime soon. Instead, the company wants to put an even bigger emphasis on ads. We are a new category for advertising promising advertisers a more interactive experience.”

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Published Date: Aug 22, 2012 01:47 pm | Updated Date: Aug 22, 2012 01:47 pm