One out of every five users play games on Facebook each month

Facebook recently announced its latest gaming statistics, which has showed that 250 million people are playing games on the social network each month. According to the numbers, roughly 20 percent of Facebook’s daily visitors play games while online, according to what Facebook said at the Game Developers Conference.

According to AllFacebook, the social networking site sees more than a million active users for each of the 200 games being used right now. While this number seems impressive, it must be noted that the total user pool that Facebook commands stands at over a billion users. Thus, the 250 million mark does not seem much in retrospect. 

Facebook wants more games on the Open Graph

Facebook wants more developers to come on-board..




While the company has noted the first quarter of 2013 to be the most lucrative in terms of revenue and for people who have been playing games to date, it can do a lot more. Thus, Facebook is now looking to woo developers. With 82 percent of the 100 top-downloaded iOS and 75 percent of the 100 top-selling Android games being synced to Facebook, it is obvious that the potential for more games on Facebook is huge.


Facebook, with its earlier run of Farmville, Criminal City and Dragon City, has been cementing its image as an ideal social hub for casual gaming. And the numbers seem pretty compelling. In 2012, over a 100 game makers were able to generate over $1 million in revenue. All told, the total that developers were seen splitting stood at over $2billion, according to the Verge.

Facebook registered 250 million users for its games in Q1 of 2013 (information credit:Statistica)

Facebook registered 250 million users for its games in Q1 of 2013 (information credit:Statistica)



But that is still just the tip of the iceberg for Facebook. With causal gaming on the rise, it is clear that the social network wants app developers to look at developing more and more games. Hence Facebook’s stance is to get more games which exist on iOS and Android to have Facebook integration. And according to the company, it also makes sense to users as well, with over half of the top 400 iOS apps in the market being synced with it.


Facebook has also stated that its mobile apps sent 263 million clicks to the App Store and Google Play in February. Facebook is now taking its gaming fixation one step further, with talks of a new timeline design doing the rounds. Facebook may now see a new game section which will let users list their favourite games. This will definitely serve as another pool of information for developers to find out more about their users. While the existing number is big, it is also clear that the existing user pool is even bigger, and Facebook is taking every step to capitalise on that.

Published Date: Jun 05, 2013 01:37 pm | Updated Date: Jun 05, 2013 01:37 pm