Oldboy Director to Release Movie Filmed Exclusively on iPhones

Park Chan-wook, internationally renowned as the director of Oldboy, and his brother Park Chan-kyong are all set to release the first ever cinema-standard movie shot solely on iPhones. Paranmanjang, which literally translates to “ups and downs”, is a 30-minute movie that follows of the story of a man who manages to rope in a woman while fishing.

He isn't much of an oldboy with gadgets

The movie was partly funded by KT, the telecommunications company that exclusively distributes the iPhones in Korea, who supplied the brothers with 150 million Won, which works out to around 60 lakh rupees. The movie was shot primarily with two iPhone 4s, which were fitted with extra lenses, though the rest of the crew also chipped in with some shots from their own iPhones.

The movie is all set to release in theatres on January 27. We certainly hope it releases in other countries too, because it’d be cool to check this innovate short-film out.

Published Date: Jan 11, 2011 02:59 pm | Updated Date: Jan 11, 2011 02:59 pm