Official Justice League game announced for iOS

Netmarble has announced the official Justice League game for iOS devices. The game is expected to be available in the App Store by the end of July. The game will feature the big five of the Justice League: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Flash. Some less popular characters, such as Supergirl and Aquaman, will also be making an appearance in the game.


The game looks like a brawler, similar to Marvel Ultimate Alliance and the classic X-Men Legends, where you controlled a team of superheroes to go around punching bad guys and leveling up. It also seems to have light RPG mechanics such as using Hero Support Cards to level-up your characters and unlock new abilities.

Avengers Assem- no wait, wrong Supergroup..

Avengers Assem- no, wait. Wrong Super group..



This is the second game announced with Batman in it this month. A game based on the movie The Dark Knight Rises is making its way to Android and iOS, alongside the movie. Curiously, The Dark Knight Rises isn’t seeing a Windows Phone 7 release. This is interesting as Warner Bros. are doing a promotion with Nokia and Microsoft to release a Dark Knight Rises special edition Nokia Lumia 800.


Recent superhero games have been very underwhelming, with one major exception - Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham series. Batman has seen major success in the gaming industry in the last few years with the release of the critically-acclaimed games 'Batman: Arkham Asylum' and its sequel, 'Batman: Arkham City'. In the former, players assume the role of the Dark Knight trapped in the titular asylum that Joker and various other members of Batman’s rogue gallery have taken over. 'Batman: Arkham City' is a sequel set a short time after the first game where players must again wear the cowl and fly through Arkham City, a section of Gotham City, where the Mayor has decided to put up all the criminals.


A Game of the Year version announced for 'Batman: Arkham City' contains the game along with all the Downloadable Content (DLC) released for it, such as the Nightwing levels, and Harley Quinn’s Revenge. The release also includes a download voucher for the animated feature, 'Batman: Year One'.


During the making of Arkham City, Mark Hamill announced that he would never voice the iconic Batman villain, the Joker again. This left many fans disappointed, as many had grown up with Mark Hamill as the Joker’s voice in the early 90’s Batman: The Animated Series.