Oakley to Whip Out 3D Eyewear

It won’t be too long till you do a Tom Cruise from Minority Report imitation. Oakley wants to keep up with the increasingly popular technology and is set to launch a pair of 3D eyewear. Your best experience with 3D glasses would be the ones handed to you at the cinema, and while you can say they're better than the cardboard ones long back, they're still a long way from anything you could call comfortable.

Oakley's 3D glasses are a style and tech statement

Dreamwork Studios in collaboration with Oakley have seen a market comprising of 3D fans. Colin Baden, Oakley president, said that Oakley started research on 3D glasses when DreamWorks producer Jeffrey Katzenberg told them about how this new technology is bringing up the market.

The eyewear company uses a system called "passive polarized" that eliminates the need for battery powered shutter-based 3-D systems. They also wanted to create a curved lens to avoid distracting reflections and to create a feeling of total immersion by taking into account peripheral vision.

Active shutter glasses are currently selling like hot cakes but they tend to get heavy and need to be recharged. Oakley is pushing the passive technology which is great on visuals and rich in colors but is quite expensive.

While the Gascan model of Oakley sells for $150 which is expensive in comparison to glasses which cost less than $10 in the cinema halls, it seems to better in quality and more comfortable.

This is the stuff for PS3 owners and movie buffs.

Published Date: Nov 09, 2010 02:06 pm | Updated Date: Nov 09, 2010 02:06 pm