Nvidia teases us with new games designed for Tegra 3

Nvidia have planted their seed in many of the new high -end smartphones and tablets that we announced at MWC 2012 and now, it’s time to back it up with some killer apps. The graphics card giant have announced five new games that are optimized specifically for their Tegra 3, quad-core SoC. The games, include Hamilton's Great Adventure THD, Sonic 4: Episode II, Eden To GREEEEN THD, Golden Arrow THD and Dark Kingdom THD. The games have been designed and tweaked to take full advantage of the four CPU cores, in tandem with the 12 GPU core on the SoC.

More eye-candy FTW!

More eye-candy FTW!



Golden Arrow THD brings big-action, hack-and-slash gameplay to mobile devices, featuring higher-resolution textures, high dynamic range lighting, soft shadows and is filled with lens flares, explosions and fires galore. Dark Kingdom is a role-playing game where you collect spirit stones and rune stones to upgrade weapons, armoury and skills. You also get higher-polygon models, dynamic shadows, dynamic lighting and even rag-doll physics. Eden to GREEEEN THD is a free game that will deliver the same visual graphics along with high-quality textures, quad-core scaling and more. The next one, Hamilton’s Great Adventure THD is a  strategy/puzzle game. Hamilton’s Great Adventure has you tackling daring, new levels with your trusty sidekick, Sasha the bird. You’ll navigate full dynamic levels that rival what you’d experience on the PC version of the game. The game has been adapted from Bitsquid’s DirectX 11 engine with Tegra 3 optimizations and quad-core scaling. 


We finally come to our favourite, Sonic 4: Episode II. Sonic makes a comeback in this Tegra 3-enhanced edition that puts nearly all of the console graphics, right into the palm of your hand. You can check out the trailer below to whet your appetite till it launches.

Published Date: Feb 29, 2012 03:09 pm | Updated Date: Feb 29, 2012 03:09 pm