Nvidia prepping a hard launch for Kepler around March end

While Nvidia proudly displayed their Tegra 3 chip in various smartphones, tablets and even automotive products, they kept absolutely mum about their next-generation graphics card, which I’m sure all gamers were hoping to catch a glimpse of or at least some benchmark figures behind closed doors. But instead, we got absolutely nothing.

Starting small this time around

Almost there


However, there seems to be a good reason for this and according to VR-Zone, Nvidia are planning a hard launch for Kepler somewhere around late March to early April. Unlike AMD, who did a paper launch for the HD 7970 back in December and have finally started shipping the cards to online and retail store, Nvidia wants to ensure that the cards will be available for purchase, the day it launches and from all their major board partners as well. If it does launch sometime in April, then it will overlap with Intel’s launch of Ivy Bridge. However, we feel it should be a bit sooner as they can’t afford to let AMD’s lead grow any wider than it already is. So far, we know it’s going to be based on 28nm fabrication, will have a 384-bit memory bus, support for PCIE Gen 3 and support DX11.1. Exact core speeds and model numbers should surface in the coming months.

Published Date: Jan 14, 2012 02:29 pm | Updated Date: Jan 14, 2012 02:29 pm