NVIDIA Launches 3D TV Play Software

Some say that this is the year 3D will really flourish, and I’m hoping it does, because I really don’t like the state it is in right now. CES 2011 saw a lot of new 3D TVs and these will introduced soon enough into the market. NVIDIA has been developing 3D kits for a while, and their 3DTV Play software was only available with their products. However, sources say that 3DTV Play is now available for purchase as a standalone software.

Taking 3D viewing a step higher

What 3D Play essentially allows you to do is view stereoscopic 3D content off your laptop or PC onto an HDMI 1.4 compatible HDTV. Of course, there are a lot of other requirements needed to do this such as a compatible video software application from Corel, Cyber Link, Arc Soft or Roxio. You will also need a laptop or PC which has Windows Vista or Windows 7 and it should be equipped with a standalone or a built-in 3D vision IR emitter, a dual core Intel or AMD CPU, 1 GB of system memory. 2GB is recommended, as is 100 MB of free disk space.

The 3DTV Play software is priced at $39.99, but there is no saying when it will be officially launched in India.