Nvidia announces VGX K2 cloud-based GPU

Nvidia has recently launched the cloud-based VGX K2 GPU. With the VGX K2 GPU, Nvidia states that engineers and design professionals will still have the computing and graphics performances that are found on a GPU powered workstation.

The Nvidia VGX K2 is built on the brand’s Kepler architecture. Nvidia claims that this makes it a fast and efficient GPU architecture. It also adds workstation capabilities to the Nvidia VGX platform that was announced earlier this year.
The Nvidia VGX platform utilises the GPU to allow enterprises to deliver virtualised workstation performance and capabilities that include rich multimedia and 3D graphics to users on smartphones, tablets or PCs. Nvidia claims, “Its VGX K2 board, which includes two workstation-class GPUs, enables enterprises to increase user density without compromising on performance or application compatibility.”

Nvidia VGX K2 to be launched by 2013

Nvidia VGX K2 to be launched by 2013


As per an official statement by Nvidia, other key benefits of NVIDIA VGX K2 include:

  • Faster interactivity: With 4GB of graphics memory per GPU, the VGX K2 ensures that graphics-intensive design and content-creation applications run smoothly.
  • Low-latency remote display: Patent-pending remote display technology helps in reducing the lag that is usually associated with virtual desktop computing.
  • Data centre power efficiency: Using SMX, which is a streaming multiprocessor, the VGX K2 provides good performance per watt for enterprise data centres.

“The VGX platform has been developed to bring rich, interactive graphics to all enterprise virtual desktop users,” said Jeff Brown, general manager of the Professional Solutions Group at NVIDIA. “With VGX K2 in the data center, designers and engineers who create the core intellectual property for their companies can now access their IP from any device and still enjoy workstation-class performance.”
Citrix XenDesktop with HDX 3DPro uses Nvidia VGX technology to deliver a faster, more interactive user experience. As per the announcement, Nvidia states, “In combination with Citrix XenDesktop and Citrix XenApp, the NVIDIA VGX K2 board provides users full compatibility and performance of all their graphics and GPU computing-intensive applications. In addition, the ecosystem of Citrix Ready partners around HDX 3D will be able to use VGX K2 to provide workstation-class performance.”
“In our increasingly global and mobile economy, companies are looking more and more to desktop virtualization as a critical solution, and we’re working closely with NVIDIA to offer the most advanced virtualized user experience on the market,” said Krishna Subramanian, vice president of marketing and partner engagement at Citrix. “XenDesktop with NVIDIA VGX acceleration aims to deliver workstation-class performance to the most demanding users in enterprises, while also increasing user density in their data centers.”
“NVIDIA’s GPU virtualization technology builds on and accelerates Cisco’s vision of delivering virtual desktops and rich-media applications through the cloud, and helps to enable enterprise customers to deploy simple, scalable and highly secure virtualization solutions,” said Satinder Sethi, vice president at Cisco, an NVIDIA technology partner.
The NVIDIA VGX K2 platform for virtual workstations is expected to be available from leading server OEMs starting in early 2013. More information is available at www.nvidia.com/vgx.

Published Date: Oct 19, 2012 11:28 AM | Updated Date: Oct 19, 2012 11:28 AM