Nuance has released latest version of Swype

Nuance Communications Inc has released the latest version of the Swype keyboard on the official website. The latest version of Swype now lets people sync their personal dictionary across multiple mobile devices. Swype also now features three different tablet keyboards, updates dictionaries with relevant trending 'hotwords', and offers multiple fun keyboard theme choices.

Swype is a four-in-one keyboard that lets people choose how they stay connected, whether they swype, type, write, or speak. Swype 'learns' each individual user's text input style and builds a personal language model– in other words, the more Swype is used, the more it adapts depending on the writing style of the user.

Swype now supports Hinglish

Swype has now been updated with more features


In the update, Swype now features:

  • Dictionary Backup and Sync: Swype now backs up and syncs a user's personal dictionary across any of their mobile devices. So now when nicknames like "Ollie" are added to a mobile phone, that word will be automatically added to the personal dictionary on a tablet as well as all other registered devices.
  • Swype for Tablets: Swype now offers a choice of three different keyboard layouts for tablets: the original keyboard, a small and moveable keyboard, and a split keyboard.
  • Hotwords: Swype users can opt-in to receive updates to their dictionaries and stay up to date with the newest 'hotwords' such as 'Gangnam Style'.
  • Themes: Swype allows users to personalise their devices with the new keyboard theme options. Users can access up to 10 different themes in Swype's settings menu for quick and cool keyboard customisations.
  • More Language Support: The latest update to Swype also features enhancements to the Chinese keyboard with an additional tool bar and has added a Flick keyboard to Japanese. Users can also expect many more languages with Advanced Language Models that predict the words and phrases users Swype the most.

"Swype has proven that Android users love choice and flexibility as part of their user experience," said Michael Thompson, executive vice president and general manager, Nuance Mobile. "Swype has truly embraced a multimodal, personalized keyboard that learns and adapts to each user's preference. And with the ability to carry that experience across Android devices, pick your keyboard layout, automatically stay up on key trends and hotwords, Swype is by far the most customizable keyboard on the market."

Back in July, Nuance had released an update for the Swype keyboard that allowed users to type ‘Hinglish’ words. During the release of the 'Hinglish' update, Sunny Rao,  Managing Director, India and South-East Asia, Nuance  Communications, said, “People use their keyboards every day in every way – so input needs to be fast and simple and with the growing popularity of Hinglish as the medium of communication in India, we are proud to introduce Swype with Hinglish support. Swype’s living, learning keyboard ushers in a new era of input, where the keyboard adapts to the users’ unique way of communicating".

Nuance, an already established name known for its voice recognition software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking and OmniPage OCR software, had bought Swype late last year. Since then, it has brought in lot of changes into Swype to make it more convenient and popular with the cellphone users.

Published Date: Oct 19, 2012 10:39 AM | Updated Date: Oct 19, 2012 10:39 AM