NSG Website Suffers Breach

Adding to the string of high-security breaches is the data breach of the official website of India’s foremost, special-trained counter terror and anti-hijack commando force, the NSG (National Security Guards). The officials of the NSG unit, although not completely sure, suspect a hacking attempt most likely to have hit their systems.







According to a report in Hindustan Times' Delhi edition, the website, www.nsg.gov.in, in addition to the official e-mail domains are feared to be compromised. The website, however, is being claimed to be the least affected, and as a safety precaution, the passwords of the official emails of NSG units are being reset. Although, there hasn’t been any confirmation on the miscreants behind the breach, initial probe carried out by the NSG unit have traced the links to outside the country. 


Headquartered in Delhi, the NSG unit is presently one of the most elite anti-terror units. The NSG site is being maintained by the technical wing of the NSG force, in association with the National Informatics Centre (NIC). You will recollect that the famous hacking outfit, Anonymous had breached the data of the NIC, too, sometime last month. This was in addition to the hack at the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) website.

Increasing instances of data breach on the official website of various government units pose a serious threat to the flawed claims of security, and has in the process discovered many loopholes.