Now,Google to Pay $15 Per Handset for Using Oracle's Patented Technology

Just a couple of days ago, we reported about Microsoft asking the South Korea based consumer electronics major, Samsung having to pay the former $15 for every handset it manufactured, to make up for the patents they used, which Microsoft owned.

Claiming patent rights..

Claiming patent rights


Now, it so seems, according to a CNET report, that Oracle, popular integrated business software and hardware Systems Company, has been approaching all Google handset manufactures, asking them to pay $15 - $20 as licensing fees to make up for the patents that Oracle claims, it owns. Last August, Oracle had filed a lawsuit against Google, for the same reasons, more precisely for the infringement of certain Java copyrights, when the latter used code related to the programming language in its Android OS. And currently has been seeking damages worth $2.6 billion.


Reports also suggest that, even before the outcome of the Oracle-Google feud, Oracle is moving around asking for these payouts. In fact, Oracle isn't even looking at bulk payments, it seems. It is looking at, more keenly doing a per phone cost thing. It now remains to be seen, if the existing open and, particularly 'free' nature of Android takes a beating due to Oracle's ways.

However, none of the other brands, not even Google for that matter have responded to Oracle’s licensing demands.

Published Date: Jul 09, 2011 03:01 pm | Updated Date: Jul 09, 2011 03:01 pm