Now SMS to complain against poor hygiene in train coaches

A trip to your hometown can get quite picturesque, and moreso if you’re travelling by train. Often on such journeys, hygiene or the lack of it in the train causes some inconvenience to the onboard passengers. The Railways have now duly taken note of it and decided to launch an SMS-based service that promises to allow passengers a way to complain against the state of hygiene inside the train.

This service (an On-site Passenger Complaint Redressal System - OPCRS) will reportedly be launched on a select few trains, and passengers on these trains will be able to contact onboard staff either through SMS or phone call for complaints against issues pertaining to coach housekeeping – like unhygienic toilets, absence of liquid soap and so on.

Train tracking systems by 2013 (Image credit: Getty Images)

Complain against unhygienic trains! (Image credit: Getty Images)


As per reports, the service is likely to be launched as a pilot project in Mumbai Rajdhani or Bangalore Rajdhani soon. An official said that passengers will have to SMS their PNR number on a common number – like the one used for making a PNR inquiry. Interestingly, the Railways have sought a three-digit number for this purpose from the Department of Telecom.

Once a complaint has been made, the information will be registered on OPCRS that will be connected with a GSM network and will be quickly routed to a GSM handheld unit that will be available with the housekeeping supervisor on train. The complainant will receive an acknowledgement with a complaint ID. It will also ask the complainant to disclose the ID to the housekeeping supervisor, after the latter has attended to the problem to his satisfaction. The supervisor will then send this ID via SMS from the handheld to OPCRS, which will then send the feedback to the complainant for closure of his complaint. Simply put, if the complainant does not share the complaint ID with the supervisor, it will be assumed that the issue at hand hasn’t been dealt with satisfaction.


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Published Date: Jun 10, 2013 18:18 PM | Updated Date: Jun 10, 2013 18:18 PM