Now search and browse through Facebook photos via Bing

A new feature on Bing, called Friends' Photo, allows users to search and browse through the photos of their Facebook friends. Bing Social Team's Senior Program Manager Ian Lin introduced the new feature in an official blog post yesterday and explained, "Looking for that epic shot from last winter’s ski trip?  Or the I-could-die-laughing photo of your roommate’s cat dancing? With more than 300 million photos uploaded to Facebook per day, photo viewing is one of the most popular things people do on Facebook. Bing now lets you quickly find that special photo (out of your friends’ thousands) on Facebook with the new Friends’ Photo feature."


Users can go to and look for specific photos from their friends' albums by putting in the relevant keywords on the search bar. Users can also see their homepage activity – image-wise, or browse through their own albums right there on Bing. The new update means that now users can click on an image on the sidebar, only to be shown more images from their Facebook friends, corresponding to what their searches are.


Search and browse through Facebook photos



Importantly, the post adds further that only those photos of the user will be visible to his friends that have been made viewable, and vice-versa. "..and your photos will never be shared with the public," Lin adds further.

In June this year, we had reported about Bing publishing its largest satellite release to date with the introduction of a staggering 165TB of new imagery to its popular Bing Maps. In its official post, Bing added further that its latest release is larger than all of its previous Aerial releases put together. Part of its latest Aerial release, is new Satellite Imagery as well as Global Ortho Photography. Further, Bing reveals that its previous "Aerial footprint" was 129TB in all. The latest combined new data release of 165TB, hence is understandably a huge leap. The new release will give you an aerial view of regions across North America, South America, Africa, Australia, Europe and Asia. The total area covered in this data release is nearly 38 million square kilometers.

Prior to that, Bing search engine design had received a facelift. The changed three column design brought in social and snapshot features. The first key change made by Bing was – ‘Search goes Social.’ The Bing team believes that people usually seek advice from their friends and family to make decisions regarding events, purchases and travels. So, the new features have been designed for effortless exchange of ideas and sharing opinions. Users can converse and get advice from friends, experts and enthusiasts right into the search experience. This feature allows posting a question and getting help from Facebook friends while searching. This allows their friends to see and reply to questions on Facebook or Bing. Basically, you can bring friends and experts right into the search experience and these social results complement the standard search results without compromising on them.

Published Date: Aug 31, 2012 02:04 pm | Updated Date: Aug 31, 2012 02:04 pm