Now save files from the web to Google Drive with a single click

Google has made it easier for you to save documents and images from the web to your Drive. The “Save to Drive” button is now available and can be implemented on any site to let users save files straight from the website to their personal Drives.

“We surf the web for a million different reasons – for everything from school research projects to time-killing memes. And when we find something relevant for us, whether that be our most recent pay stub or just an adorably awesome pic, we may want to save it for later reference or to share with friends in the future,” wrote Nicolas Garnier, from Google’s Developer Relations, explaining why Google developed the “Save to Drive” button.


Save to Drive with a click now

Save to Drive with a click now


If you are a developer or have your own website, you can add the “Save to Drive” button onto your page by using two simple lines of HTML. You can also use the Save to Drive button’s JavaScriptAPI, which will allow you programmatic and flexible control of the creation of the buttons in your web pages.


“The Save to Drive button works in the context of the user’s browser,” writes Garnier. “This allows your users to save files that could require some form of HTTP authorization – such as a session cookie – without any special customization from you.”

Google understands that it can get tiresome to try and save things onto your local hard drive from the web. The process is tedious and needs you to either drag and drop images into a folder or hit right click followed by “Save As”. Google will now let you store images and files straight into your Google Drive with just a single click now.

Late last year Google had released an extension for Chrome that performed the same function. Using the extension you could simply save content from websites to your Google Drive. Now Google is letting developers take advantage of this feature. This sure will make life a lot easier for people who depend on information off the Internet to create projects, work or just have fun. Now to wait for website developers to add this feature to our favourite sites.

Published Date: May 10, 2013 08:56 am | Updated Date: May 10, 2013 08:56 am