Now download Blogger posts, Google+ Pages with Google Takeout

A post on Google's Data Liberation blog by Kari Ragnarsson confirms that users on Blogger can now export each of their blogs in an Atom Xml file with Google Takeout. “You: A Blogger or Google+ Page owner who dreams of controlling their data.

Us: A band of engineers who will stop at nothing to make your dreams come true,”  Ragnarsson  writes on the blog post. 


Google Takeout essentially allows users to download a copy of their stored data within Google products. In addition to Blogger, if users wish to export their data from their Google+ Stream and Circles, they can still use Takeout and download html files with their posts and json files with circles for each of their Google+ page. Alternatively, using Takeout, users can export a single blog or page of their choice, too. 


To begin with, users will have to go to, and here they will be required to type in their password, for security reasons. Once in, users have the option of retrieving all the data stored by clicking "All of your data" or pick by clicking on "Choose services".

A petition has arisen against Google and other parties

Google Takeout lets you download a copy of your stored data



A recent, subtle update to Google+ claims to have made it easier for users to find their friends and colleagues who may have recently joined the social network. Google’s Sean Purcell wrote in a post that the Circles icon visible in the app ribbon is now called Find People. Quite like its name, this renamed feature allows users to find their acquaintances, be it family, friends or colleagues and add them. To begin with, users will have to click on the Find People option. Here they will find a new page with a list of people they may want to add, which may include those with whom they communicate on Gmail and other Google products.


Users can get even more suggestions by searching by their school, workplace or other email accounts. Those who're looking to organise their contacts can do so by clicking the "Your circles" button at the top of the page. Once there, users can use the circle editor to view all of their circles and decide who belongs where. 


There seems to be a lot of activity happening at Google Plus these days with the search giant rolling out updates galore. Recently, Google's Tim Blasi revealed in an official blog post that the company launched two new features to improve the Hangouts experience in areas with slow Internet connections. While the Hangouts feature on Google Plus is one of its interesting ones, those in areas with connectivity issues would understandably be unable to use it to its fullest capacity. 


First among these is the bandwidth slider. Users will spot a new slider at the top right of every Hangout, using which they can adjust their bandwidth preferences in real-time. Blasi elaborates that users can keep their Hangouts going with it. 

Published Date: Feb 15, 2013 13:16 PM | Updated Date: Feb 15, 2013 13:16 PM