Now a Farmville Cheat Sheet

If you are a Farmville addict like me and a million other users, Farmville now has its very own cheat sheet: .

The owner of the site claims to have topped out at Farmville and bought everything that the market had to offer, including that incredibly expensive villa that comes for a million coins at level 34. In fact in the accompanying video of his Farmville plot you see three of them, along with barns, farmhouses and other expensive purchases. He also claims that all that can be yours in a very short period of time…and in return wants to be paid a little over $27 for letting you into his Farmville secrets.

Tempting? Well not really. These kind of get rich schemes are a dime a dozen online, generally telling you how to get rich quickly... get your own mansion, that blue BMW roadster and all this while working from home for just a couple of hours.

While most of us are aware of these get rich schemes and know enough to steer well clear of them, what is interesting is the attempt to actually milk the fast growing Farmville community and get them to shell out some real world cash to actually push up their levels in the game.

My take, it's just not worth it. If you do want to put your money to use, do it by actually buying Farmville coins and cash with it. That should give you enough of a leg up to get going in the game.

For the rest of us…hang on, I will come out with my own list of little tricks that should get you going just a little faster. But, be warned, there is no magical solution to acing the game. It takes time and patience and that is the best part. What’s the point of finishing it off in a couple of weeks anyway?