Notion Ink Brings Out More Videos but Adam Pre-Orders are Closed

Earlier, we told you about two videos of the Adam that Notion Ink had put up live. Although they didn’t show us a detailed view of the various features like Sniffer, Mail’d and Canvas, they did showcase the basic functioning of the tablet. Ever since the 20th of December though, Notion Ink’s blog has been putting up a detailed video everyday about the different features of Adam.

Sawwee for now...

In case the following videos manage to convince you to purchase the Adam, there’s some bad news in store. The Adam is already sold out, which is not much of a surprise as pre-orders for the higher-end versions were closed on the first day itself.

The first video shows basic browsing on the Adam and a quick-start application called the Launcher. The browsing is all about navigating between various tasks which are opened in multiple panels. Check the video out below.

The second video is about Adam’s native email application - Mail’d. The application allows you to access all your email accounts and the video shows off the app working in real-time.

The third one tells us about Sniffer, Adam’s file manager. The video says Android doesn’t have an in-built file browser but Sniffer seems to handle file management without a problem. Copy-pasting, creating new folders and other standard functions are all present along with video/audio file previews.

The fourth video gives us a demo of the drawing and image-editing app - the Canvas. Although the image-editing part was not done here, the user creates a cool picture of Wall-E.

Published Date: Dec 24, 2010 04:19 pm | Updated Date: Dec 24, 2010 04:19 pm