Nokia's latest patent says get tattooed for mobile notifications


The vibration aspect of mobile phone notifications is definitely a very relevant setting for cell phone technology. It allows for discretion to a large extent and bears a certain professionalism and courtesy depending on the environment i.e. at work, during lectures, meetings etc. However, there are a few handsets whose vibration settings tend to be just a little stronger than most and that, in contrast, can get a bit embarrassing at times. A recent report showcased a new patent by Nokia that might just change the game of how one gets discreet alerts via their cell phones. The patent filed states that Nokia would enable their users to be notified of phone alerts by vibrations on their skin via a ferromagnetic tattoo. The way this innovation works is quite simple - whenever you receive a message, IM, e-mail, call, essentially any notification your phone will send out a signal in the form of a magnetic field set to a particular frequency, which will be detected by the tattoo on your body.


Get inked to get notifications

Get inked to get notifications



Once the magnetic frequency is picked up by the tattoo, it’ll vibrate in the form of a morse code or any other user-defined vibration settings. Vibrations for different notifications, just like you would select a tone or each option, could be set. The options would range from length, width or height of pulses i.e how long you’d want them to vibrate for different kinds of notifications. For example, it could be set to long vibrations for phone calls, short vibrations for messages and a light vibration for a low battery notification. Naturally the tattoo and your handset would need to be paired or you'd be buzzing constantly should anyone in your vicinity receive a notification.


Nokia has taken personal preferences into consideration and has enabled the user to select what kind of image he wants to get tattooed on his body. The ink used for this tattoo is ferromagnetic, which will first need to be exposed to high temperatures to demagnetize it. The method of applying it is the same as getting a normal tattoo inked. Magnetizing the tattoo would be done by going over the design with a magnet several times.


For those who wouldn’t want to take this risk of getting inked permanently, especially with ferromagnetic ink because of the possible implications of magnets coming in to direct contact with your skin and staying there forever, Nokia has an alternative. Temporary tattoos in the form of sprays, decal, ferromagnetic adhesive tape or wristbands can be used. These could be removed at any point of time without any complications or extensive procedures. Then again, it’s been said that Magnets also have healing factors for the human body. Nevertheless, this is one accessory you’d have to very seriously think about getting on board with, since getting tattooed is a serious lifelong commitment.