Nokia's First Windows Phone 7 Device, 'Sea Ray' Leaked

Finally. The much-awaited WP7-toting Nokia device has been caught online. Codenamed Sea Ray, the smartphone runs on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7. As you already might know, many of us were eagerly anticipating the Nokia-Microsoft partnership to yield some results and what is being seen in the pictures looks quite promising.

We want the Sea Ray to fly!

We want the Sea Ray to fly!


The best part is that Sea Ray was shown off by none other than Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop himself. And the funny bit is that he pleaded that nobody take pictures of the smartphone! (Yes Stephen, we won’t reveal the device that we’ve been waiting for with bated breath) Anyway, if you look a little closer, Sea Ray looks pretty identical to the recently announced N9. Not that it’s a problem in any way, but we’d probably expect Nokia to have a different design rather than go with an already used one.

Unlike the N9 however, Sea Ray has a dedicated camera key and the LED has been placed in a different position. The handset will be running on the latest Mango update of Windows Phone 7.

In terms of specifications, that’s about it. But GSMArena also has a small video of Sea Ray which you can check out below. Also, let us know whether you think that Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 is hot or not in our comments section.


Published Date: Jun 24, 2011 11:22 am | Updated Date: Jun 24, 2011 11:22 am