Nokia PureLamda running WP 8.0 pops up on WP Bench app

MyNokiaBlog has come across an interesting find, thanks to user ‘Stipan’, who stumbled upon a list of possible future Nokia Windows Phone devices in the WP Bench app. While benchmarking the Lumia 800, he came across names of the possible unreleased WP7 devices, called PurePhi, Phi, Alpha and PureLamda. These could very well be codenames for future Nokia handsets based on Windows Phone OS. Out of the four names, the one that really stands out is the PureLamda, which according to the app, seems to be running on an OS version 8.0.9842 or translated WP 8.0 Apollo. In the same way the Transformer Prime popped up in AnTuTu a few months back, this could very well be some future device that Nokia is testing currently. 

New phones coming soon

New phones coming soon


Alpha and Phi could very well be some new models that are based on the next version of Microsoft’s mobile OS. They could be the first phones in a new series that Nokia is planning to launch. The PureLamda and the PurePhi hint at a possible PureView phone based on the Windows Phone OS. However, Nokia did hint in the past that the camera in the PureView 808 might not make it to WP7 devices anytime soon.


If we were to read between the lines, these phones aren’t based on WP7, so technically Nokia is still right in what they said. They never said anything about not launching a WP 8.0-based PureView phone. We still don’t have any other details on Apollo, but at least we know now that it’s out there and it seems like Nokia will be among the first to have Apollo-ready handsets when Microsoft decides to announce it. The question that’s still on people’s minds is that whether or not existing WP7 devices will be fully upgradable to Apollo? What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments section below.

Published Date: May 25, 2012 05:42 pm | Updated Date: May 25, 2012 05:42 pm