Nokia Music gets hacked, works with WP7 devices now

First it was Nokia Drive, then Nokia Maps, and now, it’s Nokia Music that has been hacked to work with all developer unlocked Windows Phone 7 devices. The site moderator of a forum named Smartphonegurus mentioned in a posting that, ‘I have extracted, tested and run the Nokia Music Windows Phone application that comes with the new Lumia Windows Phones, it's a great app and it all seems to work as it should. The video below shows how it runs on my HTC Trophy. The Nokia Music v1.5.0.0. XAP file is available for download below and should work on all unlocked Windows Phones.’


Drive, Maps, Music - Pwned!

Drive, Maps, Music - Pwned!




Nokia Music was introduced at Nokia World, this October and like the other applications, it was an exclusive app. Naturally, making it run on WP7 doesn’t indicate any kind of exclusivity, does it? To look at it from another point of view, it’s just garnering some much needed publicity towards Nokia and WP7. 


Here’s a video of Nokia Music working on the HTC Trophy:




So three applications have already been hacked, extracted and are running on developer unlocked Windows Phone 7 devices. Which brings us to the question, what’s up next for hacking? Any guesses?

Published Date: Nov 11, 2011 10:44 am | Updated Date: Nov 11, 2011 10:44 am