Nokia Files a Patent for a Device with a 2D and 3D Screen

While many of you might be marveling at Nokia giving the N8 a feminine touch, the Espoo company apparently has filed a patent application for a device. This one’s not your everyday mobile phones with some extra sensor, rather it’s more of a next generation smartphone.

Dual-Screen with 2D/3D combination sounds awesome

Dual-Screen with 2D/3D combination sounds awesome


There’s news that Nokia’s patent has a dual screen device to boast of. While two screens are not the most exciting things to hit mankind, this one will have a 3D and a 2D screen. The smartphone is also touted to have two front facing cameras that will follow the user’s eye movements and determine the viewing angles. By doing so it will automatically adjust the 3D display projections of an object so that the image doesn’t blur. The cameras will also allow the projections to cast realistic shadows on the 2D screen with touch interface controls. Furthermore, the camera will also figure out the co-ordinates of the human finger when a user tries to manipulate the 3D object.

Too good to be true? While that’s the best statement we can come with for now, we positively hope that this device actually hits the market someday!

Published Date: May 04, 2011 03:30 pm | Updated Date: May 04, 2011 03:30 pm