Nokia Drive hacked to run on other Windows Phones

Nokia’s worries just don’t seem to end. The Finnish handset maker had unveiled its Windows-based phones with a view to get their mobile business back on track. After teasing us with a disco-themed advertisement, the Nokia Lumia 800 along with Lumia 710 was unveiled shortly. Lumia 800 ropes in features to set it apart from its other Mango competitors and one such factor is the Nokia Drive, a turn by turn GPS navigation feature.

hacked on to other Windows Phone

Nokia Drive hacked (Image Credit: WMPoweruser)




According to WMPowerUser, pirate sites have now got their hands on this software and also managed to install it on other Windows phones. Reportedly, with Microsoft and Chevron, such unlocking does not seem tedious. The 3D, voice-enabled navigation was something exclusive to Nokia devices and with this hack, Nokia has yet another reason to worry. The company has been striving to sustain its position and taken some startling decisions, recently. So, has Nokia’s plan of dishing out exclusive features received a setback or the company plans some stringent measures, let's wait and watch.