Nokia Developer website hacked

Yet another one bites the dust as the still raging hackathon that has gripped the globe, exposes Nokia's Developer website. The website was hacked by an Indian named  “pr0tect0r AKA mrNRG”. All those who tried to access the site during the hack  got stuck with a picture of Simpsons cartoon character Homer wearing his famous expression. The hacker commented, “LOL, Worlds number 1 mobile company but not spending a dime for a server security! FFS patch your security holes otherwise you will be just another antisec victim. No Dumping, No Leaking!!

Screen shot of the site when hacked (image-

Screenshot of the site when hacked (Image credit -


According to, the hacker intended to expose the security loopholes and didn't mean to do any damage . The user data is expected to remain intact and users are recommended to change their passwords for safety reasons. Nokia confirmed the hack and a Nokia spokeperson in a quote given to Finnish newspaper, Helsingen Sanomat stated that they're, “currently evaluating the security practices of websites that are hosted externally”. This possibly means that the site was not hosted by Nokia themselves and had outsourced it to another company. Thankfully, the Nokia OVI store, which is a pool of thousands of user data like credit card details is managed by Nokia’s best IT professionals. Let's hope Nokia fixes the loophole as soon as possible 

Published Date: Aug 30, 2011 10:34 am | Updated Date: Aug 30, 2011 10:34 am