Nokia CEO Elop says owning an iPhone is embarrassing, throws the phone on the ground

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop is known for rousing office memos, for transforming Nokia to a certain extent and his penchant for saying Nokia is considering all OSes for its phones. But of course, the man is 100 percent behind Windows Phone 8 as a platform for Nokia. But nobody expected Elop to throw a fit on TV.

In a rather awkward interview on a Finnish television show, Elop was involved in a humorous argument with the host who insisted on knowing when the unannounced Lumia 928, which leaked a few days ago, will be released.

However, Elop preferred to talk about the very much real Lumia 620 instead. After a period of talking over each other’s voices, the host whipped out his iPhone to ask Elop what he thought of it. The host himself said he didn’t want the iPhone anymore and wanted to switch to the Lumia 928. Elop’s solution was to call the Apple smartphone “embarrassing”, take it from the host and throw it on the ground.

Of course, the newer iPhones are notorious for breaking easily. So Elop comforted the host saying his iPhone would be replaced for a brand new Lumia. Check out the part of the interview in question from the video below.



Our guess is that Stephen Elop is a big The Lonely Island fan and wanted to be a part of his own “Threw it on the Ground” video.

Published Date: Mar 22, 2013 07:31 pm | Updated Date: Mar 22, 2013 07:31 pm