Nokia brings NFC to London museums


Nokia recently incoporated NFC technology into the Museum of London and Museum of London Docklands. NFC tags were placed at the bottom of each display and with a tap on the tag with an NFC enabled device users could bring up the entire history of the exhibit. There were around 90 RFID(Radio Frequency Idetification) tags placed all over the museum. These tags were located at highly visible areas enabling the users to access the service comfortably. NFC (Near Field Technology) is one of the latest innovations in wireless connectivity and is slowly, but surely, starting to gain recognition as a relevant bit of mobile technology.

NFC  demoed on Nokia C7

NFC demoed on Nokia C7 (image credit




Only a small part of the crowd could enjoy the technology as there aren't too many NFC-enabled phones available just yet. The Marketing Manager of the Museum of London expects this technology to be a slow burner and will gather momentum as the time passes. At present, Nokia, Samsung, Sagem and LG are the few companies that are making NFC-enabled smartphones. Let's hope this technology does well in times to come and proves to be one stop connectivity solution for data and information sharing.