Nokia announces budget Lumia 525 with 1GB RAM, swappable covers

Nokia has officially announced the successor to the most popular Windows Phone device, the Lumia 520. The obviously-named Lumia 525 retains a lot of the features of its predecessor, but makes improvements in the one area that was considered lacking. Nokia released the phone through an official video on YouTube. Check it out here:


With 1GB of RAM, double that of the Lumia 520 (see review), the 525 will be able to run a lot more apps from the fast-growing Windows Phone store. The features which endeared the masses towards the Lumia 520 have been retained. So you will find the same 4-inch display with WVGA resolution and Nokia’s super touch sensitivity software. The camera is the same 5-megapixel unit without flash as the 520. Expect WP8 to be smooth on the Lumia 525 thanks to the same dual-core Qualcomm S4 chipset that performed admirably on the Lumia 520.

In terms of design, Nokia has continued its affinity for bright peppy colours and the plastic wraparound aesthetic that has become a trademark of sorts. Swappable covers are still a possibility and thanks to the removable backs, you can also make use of a microSD card to add to the 8GB internal storage.

Lumia 525 announced!

Lumia 525 official!


All in all the Lumia 525 improves the internals in the one area where it could have been called lacking. Doubling the RAM will bring performance benefits as well, allowing users to make use of the new apps on the store. This being a Lumia, Nokia has bundled in the Here location services suite and the Smart Cam app.



We have no concrete information about the India price of the phone, though Nokia has announced the prices for the China-bound models. Engadget Chinese reports that the phone has a price tag of around $180 (approx Rs 11,000) in China. Let's hope Nokia sticks to a similar pricing in India.

Published Date: Nov 27, 2013 02:14 pm | Updated Date: Nov 27, 2013 02:14 pm