No major software updates to come Symbian's way

Until recently, the entire world was under the impression that Nokia had plans to implement major updates to their Symbian operating system. After Symbian Anna and Belle platforms, it was widely believed that Nokia indeed had place to release yet another major update to the operating system. The update went by the name, Symbian Carla and earlier last month, screenshots surfaced displaying what the major update would look like. However as per a report by PhoneArena, who have obtained information from an Italian Nokia fan site, it may now be believed that Symbian Carla, the third big update to the platform stands canceled.

As per the report, “Nokia’s Symbian sales have plunged last quarter significantly, and now Nokia Italy has revealed that Symbian Carla, the third major update after Symbian Anna and Nokia Belle, is cancelled. At least that's what Nokia's Product Marketing Manager Mathias Fiorin has said, according to Nokialino, an Italian Nokia fan site that allegedly got the info straight from the horse's mouth.” 

Nearing its end?

Nearing its end?


The site goes on to add that instead of releasing Symbian Carla, the brand will offer an update to Belle by upgrading it to Feature Pack 2. In all likelihood, all that was planned for the Symbian Carla OS will be making its way to the upgraded Belle OS. The report also states, “Also, the Nokia N8 will get bumped up to Symbian Belle FP1. Now, that will be a different version of what’s coming on the Nokia 808 PureView, but it will still have the improved web browser and performance enhancements.”

If this bit of information happens to be true, then it does look like Nokia is losing faith in Symbian and is looking at concentrating solely on their Lumia branded handsets that run on the Windows Phone operating system. With Carla looking like it could get shelved in lieu of Symbian Belle Feature Pack 2, the OS after that, Donna, appears to be not in the picture, altogether. However, as of now, one should not read too much into it as Nokia has yet to make an official announcement regarding the same.

Published Date: May 25, 2012 10:25 am | Updated Date: May 25, 2012 10:25 am