No Gingerbread Love for HTC Desire

Bad news for HTC Desire users. Your smartphone will not be getting an official Gingerbread update. This definitely comes as a disappointment as the HTC Desire certainly has the specifications to get the latest Android Operating System.

Can't bite into Gingerbread

Can't bite into Gingerbread


HTC’s UK team posted on their Facebook page, stating that their engineering teams were working hard to find a way of bringing Gingerbread to the Desire. One of the main reasons is that the smartphone has too little of onboard memory to accommodate both Gingerbread and their own Sense User Interface on the smartphone. Many of the comments on their post suggested of going with a lower version of the Sense UI or for that matter, completely ditch the interface, altogether.

It’s not possible that HTC will actually give up on the Sense UI and many Android users will probably agree that this is one of the most liked interfaces if compared to Motorola’s MOTOBLUR or even Samsung’s TouchWiz. Anyway, if you’re hell bent on getting Gingerbread, you can certainly do so with the ROMs available out there. That’s a little bit of respite available for HTC Desire users.

Published Date: Jun 15, 2011 11:17 am | Updated Date: Jun 15, 2011 11:17 am