Nintendo Warns Kids From 3DS Over-usage

Nintendo Japan has put up a warning on its website asking kids under six years old to refrain from using their upcoming 3DS handheld gaming console too much because it could have long-term effects on their vision, according to Wall Street Journal.

Nintendo playing safe

A message posted on Nintendo’s Japanese website had this to say:__STARTQUOTE__Nintendo's Warning
(Excerpts, translated from Japanese)
For people who will experience Nintendo 3DS, below are the points we would like you to be aware about 3-D images or stereoscopic view on Nintendo 3DS.

The way 3-D images appear varies among individuals. Please be aware there could be times when some images cannot be recognized as 3-D depending on physical conditions, types of video pictures, surrounding conditions and so on. If you are exhausted or not feeling well, please refrain from playing. Also, when you start feeling ill, stop playing immediately.

Watching 3-D images for an extended time could result in adverse effect on eyesight development in the case of children under 6 years old, therefore we highly recommend a switch to 2-D display.__ENDQUOTE__What this warning means is that while there are no proven side-effects of extended 3D viewing, infants whose eyesights are still evolving might get too used to 3D images, thus affecting their normal eyesight. While all this is still theoretical, it could just be a move to avoid litigation in case something untowardly does happen, something that Sony Computer Entertainment have also done by using a warning sticker on their now 3D-enabled Playstation 3 consoles. We definitely concur with Nintendo’s version of “better safe than sorry”, because even though there are no precedents of eyesight damage, you’d rather not be the first one to experience it. Even more so when it concerns kids, who will suffer more damage in the long-term.

Game safe, readers. That’s us, the Tech2 team signing off for 2010, we’ll be back next year. Until then, we wish you a very Happy New Year!

Published Date: Jan 03, 2011 10:31 am | Updated Date: Jan 03, 2011 10:31 am