NFS: Hot Pursuit (PC) To Be Patched Next Week

While console gamers are enjoying the crap out of EA’s latest Need for Speed title, it seems PC gamers (once again) are having a miserable time with a crappy port. While I personally haven’t played the PC version I’ve heard it suffers from erratic frame rates, no aliasing options and other issues that hamper the experience.

PC gamers can hopefully experience the Need for Speed by next week

PC gamers, it seems your prayers and abuses have not gone unanswered as Criterion are busy working on a patch that should smoothen out all your issues by early next week. Here’s what it brings to the table according to a post from one of the game’s developers on the official forums:

  • Fixed issues where the game would crash on Car Select, Map Screen, Loading screen or just at the start of an event
  • Missing Rain / Snow and Corona effects have been fixed
  • CL Eye Driver crashing the game on startup has been fixed
  • Corrupted Dreamshots in non 16:9 aspect ratios has been fixed
  • D-BOX motion chair support has now been added

So hopefully the game you paid full price for will now be playable after a whole week of anguish and frustration. Don’t you just love PC gaming?

Published Date: Nov 27, 2010 03:06 pm | Updated Date: Nov 27, 2010 03:06 pm