Nexus 1 Being Sued for Trademark Violation of Name

Philip K. Dick’s famous novel - Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? that was later made into a sci-fi Hollywood cult classic, Blade Runner, starring Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer is making things a little difficult for Google’s Nexus 1 mobile handset. The reason being, the author’s estate is in the process of suing Google for unauthorized use of the name ‘Nexus’. Dick’s story is about a bounty hunter (Harrison Ford) that tracks cyborgs (Rutger Hauer) bearing a Nexus 6 series name. The author’s daughter is claiming that its copyright infringement as Google took no permission from the family to use the name. Google’s response is that the name is used in a more generic sense.

A couple of reports also mentioned the fact that Motorola paid George Lucas for the use of the name DROID for their recently developed and launched Android handset. But Lucas had already had a copyright for the name. Could this mean that we might see a name change for Google first mobile handset? Let’s wait and watch. Stay tuned.