Next iPhone may sport dual-LED, dual colour flash

The rumour mill keeps constantly turning when it comes to anything related to Apple. The latest rumour, according to GSMArena, is that the next iPhone—rumoured to be the iPhone 5S—will sport a dual-LED, dual colour flash.

According to the rumour, the next iPhone will have one regular LED and one with a slight blue tint. The main idea behind the dual coloured flash is to improve the white balance of photos.

As of yet, it is unclear whether both LEDs will go off at the same time when taking pictures, or they'll go off one at a time, thus giving a second picture with a blue-ish illumination, making it sort of like an HDR photo.

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While it might look the same, the newer one may have two LEDs for flash


Earlier this month, predictions from analyst Peter Misek stated that Apple may release the next iPhone sooner than expected. While the last two iPhones have been revealed in the second half of the month, Misek's predictions point to a June unveiling. This would be the first iPhone to be released in June since the iPhone 4.

Misek also states that the iPhone 5S will be available in a range of colour options. Misek states that the iPhone 5S will be launched in 6 to 8 different colour options. This prediction could turn out to be true as some of Apple’s rivals such as Samsung and Nokia release smartphones in a variety of colour options. Apple too has recently released the new 4-inch iPod touch in 6 colour options.

Apart from the launch date and the availability of the smartphone in different colours, Misek also states that the iPhone 5S will come loaded with improved specifications such as super HD camera and screen, an improved battery and Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology. The last feature was expected to be featured in the iPhone 5, but Apple did not add it; hence, it makes sense if the brand adds it with the upcoming model.

The last we heard of the iPhone 5S was a few days ago when a French website had acquired some images of the internals of the upcoming model. From the images, we can see that the screw placement on the upcoming model is a bit different from the iPhone 5. Some other minor changes can also be noticed. However, in the side-by-side comparison of the two, we can see that the external design of the handset remains the same.

Apple has a tradition of opting for similar design with every alternate model and hence, it may come as no surprise if it does decide to keep the external design the same. The brand did it with the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4S and from the looks of it, the iPhone 5S may not have any cosmetic improvements over its predecessor.

As of now, we should take these rumours with a large dose of salt and wait for more leaks before taking them seriously.

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Published Date: Dec 19, 2012 07:31 pm | Updated Date: Dec 19, 2012 07:31 pm