Next gen iPod touch may come in various colours

Apple is believed to be introducing its next generation of iPods when the brand takes the stage at the Apple media event scheduled for September 12, 2012. A report a few days ago stated that there could be at least two new updated iPod lines which will be showcased at the event and possibly there could be a third as well. The third iPod line-up could refer to the updated iPod touch and it could feature a display the same size as the next generation iPhone aka the iPhone 5. A report by 9to5Mac sheds some more light on what to expect and has categorically provided a break up of what type of iPod will receive what update.

As per the report, the author Mark Gurman states that sources have informed them that the iPod shuffle will not receive any major change but will be available in eight colour options, up from five that are currently available in the market. The price of this iPod will cost around $49.

Thanks to the front facing camera, FaceTime is now possible on this device too.

May come in multiple colour options


Last year, Apple merely added a new software update to its iPod nano and from the looks of it, this all could change with the brand probably launching a redesigned version of this version of the portable media player. The report states that since it features a different codename from last year’s version, one can expect it to have a different design as well as internal changes. This model too may come in eight colour options just like the upcoming iPod shuffle. The author states that the price point of this model should remain the same as last year’s model.

Commenting on the next generation iPod touch devices, sources have informed 9to5Mac that Apple may retain last years model but improve upon it a bit by adding the new smaller Dock Connector, new packaging as well as iOS 6 pre-installed.

Apple may launch two higher-end models with redesigned looks and they will be available in the market for approximately $299 and $399. The report states, “We believe these to be redesigned versions of the two top iPod touch models. Though, we’re not sure if the current 32GB and 64GB capacities will actually be the same in the late-2012 models. We’re also told that these new $299 and $399 iPod models (which we assume are new iPod touches) will come in multiple variations. Perhaps, for the first time, the new iPod touches will come in various colors, but that’s just what we’re inferring, not confirming.”

A report had surfaced in July indicating that Apple was working on the 2012 edition of the iPod touch and it will have 4-inch LCD, which is the same size as the upcoming iPhone 5. CPU or other spec is considered to be same as iPhone 4S, but it has different back-case design. Like last year’s edition, the 2012 iPod touch is expected to be launched in white and black options.

This will come as some interesting news for those wanting an upgrade, as a larger display means more room for viewing content such as games as well as videos. The iPod touch, over the years, has become a major rival to other portable gaming consoles such as the PSP or even the recently launched PS Vita and this is due to the wide variety of games available in the App Store. Another major advantage the iPod touch has over its rivals is that the games available are a lot cheaper than those available for portable gaming consoles.

Published Date: Sep 10, 2012 14:30 PM | Updated Date: Sep 10, 2012 14:30 PM