Next-Gen iPhone 4G Makes the Scene

We’ve all been speculating about how the next-gen Apple iPhone is going to be. Hundreds of concepts, clones, ‘leaked images’ and mock-ups have been floating around the internet for a couple of months now but finally the guys from Gizmodo seemed to have hit the jackpot. Through a rather curious yet interesting course of events the guys at Gizmodo came into possession of this long awaited ‘sequel’ to the 3Gs. But the confirmation that this truly was the next-generation handset came from none other than Apple in the form of a letter requesting the site to return the device. It’s a long story how it got to that point starting off with an Apple engineer, stopping for a drink in a bar and leaving it there. You can read the full story here.

Gizmodo of course put it through its paces but unfortunately the handset was apparently remote-wiped preventing them from getting a good look at the OS although they seem to think it was running 4.0. I’m inclined to believe that’s almost definitely possible, but with Apple one never knows. Thus all they can tell us about the handset is with regards to its hardware and for now that’s quite a lot. Take a closer look at what Apple’s next iPhone has in store for us -

Apple has gone backward a bit here with new design. Unlike the 3G and the 3Gs, the new handset, we’ll call the 4G (for now), doesn’t have the curved glossy design. The new form is similar to the First Gen model with a flat rear panel with aluminum sides.

A few other changes include a secondary microphone near the 3.5mm handsfree socket, possibly for noise cancellation, a secondary camera above the display for video calling (it’s about time), separated volume keys and SIM card has been moved from the top to the side. Apple has also chosen to go with a micro SIM this time around which could be a problem for India seeing as we haven’t started using that standard... yet.

They’ve also reported that in addition to the handset being about 3 grams heavier, the battery has thankfully been upped to provide up to 16% more power thanks to a larger battery. That’s really good news.

The display is has also been apparently reduced although Gizmodo says that the resolution will be much higher than the older models. How high, is yet to be determined.

With regards to the camera resolution, there’s been no word. However the testers have mentioned that the lens is larger. An LED flash has been added.

The 4G bears only a little similarity with the older versions and that’s a good thing. It’s time for a change. It’s a good looking device as is, even if it has lost its curvy look and feel.

What do you think?

Published Date: Apr 21, 2010 12:17 pm | Updated Date: Apr 21, 2010 12:17 pm