New York Times releases official Google Glass app

While not everyone who is set to receive Glass has got their hands on it, a top third-party app for the head-mounted display-based wearable has been released.

The New York Times, which is out now for Glass users, was first shown off by the search giant at the South by Southwest festival last month. With the NYT app, users can get breaking news delivered to their Glass headsets on an hourly basis. The "look up" gesture tells Glass to show pictures from articles and a stream of headlines. The app also lets users listen to news stories and summaries through the bone-conduction technology in Glass.

The sign-up page for the app

The sign-up page for the app


Setup for the app couldn’t be simpler. Firstly, users have to visit the New York Times Glass app page hosted by the publication on its website. The app requires users to link up with a Google account and give it permissions to view basic account information, view and manage the Google Glass timeline as well as view their location.

The basic functionality of the New York Times app is in keeping Google’s guidelines for developers working on Glassware. The company has urged app makers to not include unnecessary clutter that distracts users, loud notifications and also forbade developers from including ads in their Glass applications.

Along with the New York Times app, Google had also shown Gmail, Evernote and Path on Glass at the Texas event. Gmail can be configured to only send you notifications for "Important" emails. It will display the subject line and a picture of the sender; users can dictate their replies thanks to the Google's voice-recognition system.

Evernote's app lets users share photos to Skitch. After taking a picture, you can share it to Skitch and then arrange all your pictures and notes on the Evernote web or smartphone app. Another app Path shows users a photo notification when their friends share pictures. Glass users can then attach Path emoticons or comment on the picture right from the wearable using the voice-recognition technology.

Even though first batches of Glass have started shipping out, the company is still debating whether a 2013 launch for consumers is viable or not. Earlier this week, the company’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt said that public release of Glass is at least a year away.

Published Date: Apr 26, 2013 04:57 pm | Updated Date: Apr 26, 2013 04:57 pm