New Windows 8 ad takes a dig at iPad using Siri

Microsoft has released a new ad for its operating system – Windows 8 – and this new one goes directly for Apple’s throat. The ad shows an Asus VivoTab doing some things that an iPad supposedly can’t do, and this is reiterated by Siri herself. “I can only do one thing at a time,” says Siri as the VivoTab uses Windows 8’s multitasking capabilities to watch a video and check email at the same time. “I guess PowerPoint isn’t one of those things,” she continues as the Windows 8 tablet views a PowerPoint Presentation. Check out the ad:



The ad is very reminiscent of Microsoft and Apple’s older ad campaigns where they would fight one another through the “I’m a PC” and “Get a Mac” ads. This ad conveniently fails to mention any of the iPad’s strengths. To compare the two tablets, the ad shows a 64GB iPad costing $699 (roughly Rs 39,025) and a 64GB Asus VivoTab Smart costing $449 (roughly Rs 24,964).

The new ad uses Siri's voice to insult the iPad

The new ad uses Siri's voice to insult the iPad


Microsoft has been on the offensive in recent times with its ad campaigns. Just last week, the company took a dig at Google’s Chrome with its Scroogled ad that was supposedly leaked. The ad that leaked inadvertently right in the middle of the Google I/O developer conference is an exact parody of Google’s Chrome: Now Everywhere advertisement. The Google advertisement shows the Chrome icon in the form of a ball, bouncing its way around the screen and over laptops, phones and tablets.

The Scroogled one, on the other hand, uses the exact same ad to say that Google actually tracks all your data in order to target you with ads. The ad uses the same format of the bouncing Chrome icon ball to get its point across. It goes on to say that the details you enter on Google Chrome is actually used to monetise them. “Google watches everything you do,” the screen says ominously. “And uses it to make a profit out of you… Don’t get Scroogled,” it finishes.


Published Date: May 23, 2013 10:49 am | Updated Date: May 23, 2013 10:49 am