New surveillance camera can search 36 million faces in a second!

Surveillance cameras have grown to be central to most commercial establishments, today, be it a shopping mall, an upscale store or a bank, for the indispensable tool they prove to be during emergencies. Off late, footage recorded by surveillance cameras have gone on to even become chilling evidences of crime and terror attacks. Now, a surveillance camera developed by Hitachi Kokusai Electric is grabbing headlines.




This surveillance camera can not only detect a face from either a video footage or a photo, but can also match it to other instances, looking for the face - roughly 36 million faces in a second!, reports DigInfo TV. The results it thus comes up with are displayed almost immediately for viewing in a thumbnail format. In this format, a series of images, containing the image or a footage of the ‘searched’ candidate are laid out and on clicking any of these images, the corresponding video starts playing. Some presumed criterias to be borne in mind, before seeking footage or images from this camera are that the faces should be within 30 degrees in the horizontal and vertical directions from the camera, and the faces, themselves are 40x40 pixels, in the least. The surveillance camera, reportedly works on the brilliance of image recognition technology, wherein the camera detects faces off recorded footage or by bundling similar faces together. 


The makers of this surveillance camera believe it to be crucial to the existence of those whose requirements spell several large-scale surveillance systems, such as railways, power companies, law enforcement agencies and large stores. Plans, state the makers, are to have systems out by the next fiscal year and yes, they're taking orders!

Published Date: Mar 26, 2012 06:09 pm | Updated Date: Mar 26, 2012 06:09 pm