New report claims that LG G7 and V30 will launch ahead of scheduled unveiling

It is being anticipated that LG's upcoming flagship phone, the LG G7, may come out as early as January next year. This latest news comes after a report emerged in The Investor, which claims that LG has decided to schedule the launch of their next flagship phone a few months before what they had originally planned, to compete against rival smartphone companies like Samsung.

The previously launched G6 was unveiled in March this year, to lacklustre reviews. LG had the ill luck of releasing the device after the S8, and while it was a decent phone in itself, it can't compete with the likes of the Galaxy S8

but to get an edge over their rivals, this time the LG G7 can be released ahead of their usual expected timeline of February every year. The report suggested that the development on the LG G7 had started back in May 2017.

The LG G7 may feature its own AI based digital assistant on board and could have the Snapdragon 845 processor, however, all this is just speculation and there is no official word from LG about the specifications.

It is also expected that LG will be launching the V30, which is suspected to be the successor of the LG V20, by around August this year, which is again earlier than their launch of V20 last year. The V30 has been rumoured to have a dual selfie camera setup,  6 GB of RAM, alongside a modified Snapdragon 835 processor tipped to be called the Snapdragon 836 processor. There have also been talks of DAC audio technology and a metallic body. Again, these specs are just rumours and the wait is on for LG's official word on the matter.

Published Date: Jun 17, 2017 18:00 PM | Updated Date: Jun 17, 2017 18:00 PM