New MacBook Air coming soon to India; older one gets a price cut

At this year’s WWDC event, Cupertino brand Apple raised the curtains on its new, refreshed MacBook Air range that is powered by Intel's latest Haswell processors. Apple claims that the new MacBook Air is improved as far as graphics go, and comes with a better battery life. With the official announcement well in the past, talks surrounding its availability have already begun. Official Apple reseller Maple told us that it will be another 15-20 days before the new MacBook Air arrives. 


With that timeline in mind, Maple has dropped the prices of the previous MacBook Air models. The 11-inch variant is available now for Rs 61,900 (it was available for Rs 67,900 earlier), while the 13-inch variant is available now for Rs 69,900 (it was available for Rs 81,900 earlier). Elaborating further, Maple says the drop in the prices has come as a result of Apple announcing the new models at WWDC 2013, and will continue only as long as the stocks last.

The new MacBook Air prices

The new MacBook Air prices


Wondering how much you’d have to shell out for the new one? Apple India website states that the 11-inch new MacBook Air model will be available at a starting price of Rs 67,900, while the price for the 13-inch model starts at Rs 74,900.


The 11-inch new MacBook Air is said to have a 9 hour battery life, doubling it from the 5 hours earlier, while the refreshed 13-inch Macbook Air will keep humming for 12 long hours as opposed to the 7 hours the earlier version had. Both the variants come with support for 802.11ac Wi-Fi. The 11-inch Macbook Air starts at $999 and the 13-inch one at $1,099.

Published Date: Jun 14, 2013 18:48 PM | Updated Date: Jun 14, 2013 18:48 PM