New Kickstarter campaign aims to make a game set in ancient India

It's very rare that we get to see an Indian developer stepping up to make a game that will be more appreciated by core gamers than what Indian developers have churned out so far. Indian software programmer Arvind Raja Yadav has taken to Kickstarter in an attempt to develop a game. The Kickstarter campaign for the game, dubbed Unrest, originally had a goal of $3,000 (approximately Rs 1,66,260), but had surpassed it goal in the first day itself. At the time of writing, the campaign stands at having gathered $11,534, which roughly translates to Rs 6,39,214.

The city of Bhimra

The city of Bhimra


According to the developers, Unrest is a story driven RPG that is set in ancient India, albeit judging by the art, it doesn't look much like ancient India. The art looks more like Mughal Empire-era India, which would hardly count as ancient considering the age of civilisation in India. According to the description on the Kickstarter page: "Play as ordinary men and women struggling for safety, freedom, food for their children, and a chance at peace."

The game will feature 2D art, and in a move that we don't see in many games these days, the combat will be completely avoidable. More emphasis has been placed on the conversation system of the game, with it featuring a reputation system that depends on individual characters instead of entire factions. The game will be DRM-free and will have support for mods so developers can use the engine to tell their own stories.

The majority of the game will consist of exploring the massive city of Bhimra and the surrounding area, interacting with various characters, and trying to achieve your goals either through combat or conversation.

Published Date: May 26, 2013 11:10 am | Updated Date: May 26, 2013 11:10 am