New Kamasutra Powerpoint Spreads a Virus

According to a report by security firm Sophos, a new virus is on the prowl on the interwebs. A PowerPoint containing ‘information’ on the Kamasutra, which once opened by a user inserts malware into the system and allows hackers to steal data as well as be used to send spam or attack other websites.

A lot of effort went into finding a 'proper' image

Sophos says “The malware comes as a file called Real kamasutra.pps.exe (the old double-extension trick). In other words, you may think you are directly opening a PowerPoint slideshow, but in fact you're running an executable program."

The PowerPoint slide deck (which ironically is itself "clean" from the malware point of view) is then dropped onto your Windows PC as a decoy while malware silently installs onto your computer as AdobeUpdater.exe, alongside some other components (called jqa.exe and acrobat.exe).

Once this is done, the Trojan called ‘Troj/Bckdr-RFM’ is installed and the madness begins. So while words like kamasutra and the ‘wheelbarrow’ position may interest you, just be sure you stay safe and avoid this Trojan horse.

Published Date: Jan 17, 2011 01:04 pm | Updated Date: Jan 17, 2011 01:04 pm