New iPhone models support fast charging, but the charger and cable have to be purchased separately

One of the main new features announced for the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X at the September Special Event was the support for wireless charging as well as fast charging. However, to be able to actually use fast charging on your phone, users will have to purchase a USB-C Power Adapter, as well as a USB-C to Lightning cable separately. The prices for the adapter ranges from $ 49 to $ 79, while the prices for the cables ranges from $ 25 to $ 35.

Image: Apple.

Image: Apple.

Included in the box with the new iPhone models is a Lightning to USB Cable and a USB Power Adapter. Both these accessories are in the USB-A specification. Although the Apple web site lists support for fast charging as a specification, the fine print notes that the feature is only supported on USB-C adapters sold by Apple. These are the 29W Model A1540, 61W Model A1718 and the 87W Model A1719. To make matters more confusing, if you filter out the accessories compatible with the latest iPhone models, the only supported charger listed is the Apple 12W USB Power Adapter, which sells for $19, but does not support fast charging.

For iPhone buyers to actually use fast charging on their devices, there is a requirement to buy one of the three mentioned USB-C adapters. These are the 29W USB-C Power Adapter which sells for $ 49, the 61W USB-C Power Adapter which sells for $ 69 or the 87W USB-C Power Adapter which sells for $ 79. Additionally, users will also need to purchase a USB-C to Lightning Cable. A 1 meter long cable is available for $ 25 while the 2 meter long variant is available for $ 35. Consumers will have to shell out anywhere between $ 74 to $ 114 just to support the fast charging feature in the brand new iPhones.

The fast charge feature allows users to juice up 50 percent of their batteries in half an hour. The figure is obtained from pre-production prototypes tested with empty batteries, so the actual time taken to charge up the batteries by half might vary.

Published Date: Sep 14, 2017 20:24 PM | Updated Date: Sep 14, 2017 20:24 PM