New iPhone 8 related problems creating a sense of "panic" at Apple headquarters

As per the latest report on Apple's iPhone 8, the wireless charging accessory rumoured to accompany the phone might be subject to a slight delay adding to list of technical problems with the phone that has created a sense of "panic" in the company's headquarters.

In a report by Fast Company,  sources close to website have added that Apple engineers are also having a tough time with the iPhone 8’s rumoured 3D camera sensors. This could be a cause of worry given reports that Apple may abandon the venerable Touch ID sensor for a 3D-based facial recognition system (also expected by KGI). A recent report confirmed that Apple in all likelihood could replace the iconic home button along with Touch ID.

"Without confirming that’s what the front-facing 3D sensor is for, my source says Apple has been struggling to get the sensor to work reliably. Again, the sensor hardware is not the problem, but rather the accompanying software," writes Mark Sullivan for Fast Company. While his source believes that Apple will be able to turn things around before September.

While the cited source believes that Apple will be able to turn things around before September in terms of working on the software front, previous reports of production delays with Apple's NAND chip for the iPhone 8 further poses challenges as to whether the new anniversary edition iPhone will be ready in the coming months.


Published Date: Jul 14, 2017 16:26 PM | Updated Date: Jul 14, 2017 16:26 PM