New iPad's Retina Display reduces strain on your eyes

While many people are pleased that the new iPad has Retina Display for aesthetic reasons, another benefit to the Retina Display is that it's easier on the eyes. Literally! According to Mashable, an optometrist and associate editor of the website, All About Vision, Gary Heiting says that the Retina Display of the new iPad significantly reduces the strain felt from looking at monitors for long periods of time. The new iPad has twice the resolution of previous iPads, i.e. 264 pixels per inch, as opposed to 132 pixels per inch, which reduces what's called computer vision syndrome. He says people are going to notice less pixelation, which is more than just an aesthetic issue, since it reduces strain on users' eyes.

Looks better and reduces strain

Looks better and reduces strain



The idea behind Retina Display, as the name might suggest is to make a screen of such a quality that a normal individual cannot tell apart pixels when the device is held at normal viewing angles and distances. Heiting says that the closer a screen resolution gets to the human eye, the more the comfort will be. Heiting further says that of all the uses of an iPad, the most amount of comfort will be had when reading. He says that for a regular user, the comfort will come from the type. He also said that though games are a strain on the eye because of their dynamic nature, the enhanced screen will still reduce the strain felt from gaming.


Talking about the term Retina Display itself, the 264 ppi packed into the new iPad is similar to what the eye can hold. The normal human eye's resolving power is 240 ppi. A normal tablet, you have to hold about 15-17 inches away from the eye, however, as you bring the tablet closer, the pixels become more apparent. Bringing the tablet closer, though, puts more strain on the human eye, as it has to focus more and converge inwards. Also, the 240 ppi is only true for those that have normal 20/20 vision. Those who have more like 20/10 vision will be able to see more. Therefore, true Retina Display will match their resolving power, which is about 400 ppi.

Published Date: Mar 21, 2012 10:23 am | Updated Date: Mar 21, 2012 10:23 am