New iPad to Have Smaller Bezel, a Flat Back Panel

Every day, someone or the other has something new to say about the iPad 2. But I say enough with the rumours and let’s have the real thing. While we’re off dreaming of what the next iPad will bring us though, why not indulge in another rumour? Apple Insider says that the new iPad will have a flat back like that of an iPod touch, and that its bezel will be smaller. They also said the Ambient Light Sensor has a new 3mm slim hole and will be moved to the "upper center of the rear panel" and that the device also has a large wide-ranged speaker unit. Wow, that’s a lot of changes! Wonder what the next rumour will be though? Will it have a holographic projector, or an option for dual boot with Windows? Bah!

What's new this time?

I’m not surprised if people are already placing bets on which of these rumours are actually true. I, for one am banking on the dual cameras, as almost every tablet on the market has this feature. This will obviously mean the inclusion of Facetime. Hopefully, production of the iPad 2 has already begun, and will start getting shipped out early next year. I’m also hoping that Apple will go ahead and launch this tablet in India as well. Logic states that they will, as they did the same thing with the iPhone 3G.

Published Date: Dec 24, 2010 02:00 pm | Updated Date: Dec 24, 2010 02:00 pm